Hope 4 Health

Hope 4 Health Now is a team of dietians and nutritionists who are focused on creating healthy, sustainable habits for disabled persons.

Custom web design + G Suite

Hope 4 Health


Hope 4 Health guides families to address health concenrs and instill hope and guidance to see their nutrition goals through. They take away the stress and anxiety of figuring out where to start and come alongside them to guide them in the most healthful direction.

The transformation for tHope 4 Health involved a seamless migration from GoDaddy to WordPress, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of the website. The design aspect was executed using the Divi theme on WordPress, leveraging its versatility to create a more user-friendly interface. The entire redesign process was efficiently accomplished through our streamlined 2-Day Design service, ensuring a swift turnaround without compromising on quality.

Beyond the website, Aura Digital facilitated the setup of G-suite accounts, streamlining the company’s communication infrastructure. Additionally, we provided troubleshooting assistance for their email system, ensuring that their email communication was not only functional but also optimized for efficiency.

This comprehensive approach aimed at not only refreshing the website for a more engaging and accessible user experience but also at optimizing the company’s overall digital infrastructure, aligning it with their specific needs and enhancing their online presence. 

“I had an existing web site that had a tremendous amount of configuration errors. I was put in contact with Lauren and her team and they were able to sort out the issues and get it running with all my requested features. Due to her prompt and professional response, I had her revamp the site and it is very inviting and has a great look. I highly recommend Aura Digital!”

Valerie Mosher

Hope 4 Health

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