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Often times, ILH clients are either relocating or PCSing from the mainland or buying a second home to enjoy the island lifestyle. Their experience of relocating often, helps them cater to the needs of this special group of people. 

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ILH has 40+ years of combined experience of helping buyers find the homes of their dreams, helping sellers create their next opportunity, and investors make money – all while giving back to the community. Their client-centric approach makes their clients keep coming back and refer their friends.

As a subsidiary design project of our esteemed client, Island Living Homes, Denice approached us with a specific request for a separate website dedicated solely to her vacation rentals. Using Wix, we swiftly executed the creation of this standalone platform. Our team established a subdomain to house the new site and meticulously crafted each element to align with Denice’s vision. From the inviting home page to the informative about section and comprehensive property management page, every aspect was thoughtfully curated to enhance the user experience. Additionally, we designed individual villa pages to showcase the unique charm and amenities of each rental property. Through seamless integration and attention to detail, we successfully delivered a polished and functional website that caters specifically to Denice’s vacation rental business.

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