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Ivy started her Ivy Pink Instagram in 2018 to share craft inspiration as a result of becoming a stay-at-home Mom that wanted to continue sharing her crafting knowledge. She strongly believes that you do not need to be creative to be crafty. Everyone can craft, you just need the tools and the knowledge to help you get started. 

Custom web design 

ivy pink


Ivy is a crafting enthusiast, sharing all things creative with her Instagram audience. She has been in the crafting industry since 2004 and has been sharing her knowledge online since 2018. 

We created a single web page design to go with Ivy’s Instagram page.

The focus was on developing a dedicated landing space optimized for seamless sharing on social media, with a particular emphasis on mobile optimization. Recognizing that the majority of views would likely come from Instagram, the design was crafted to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics across various mobile devices.

By prioritizing mobile optimization, the crafted web page not only maintained a visually appealing presentation but also provided a user-friendly interface for audiences interacting with the content on Instagram. This approach aimed to seamlessly integrate the web page with the client’s Instagram marketing efforts, offering an extended platform to showcase their work while catering to the preferences and habits of a mobile-centric audience.

I didn’t really know where to start with brand identity. I expressed to Lauren what I needed and she helped keep me focused and organized the entire way. Her communication, patience and throughness is unmatched.

Eleanor "Ivy"

Owner, Ivy Pink Made

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