The grief mentor

Teresa is a Grief Mentor, Author and Podcaster as well as a practicing RN. Her grief journey began November 30, 2018. She was desperate to find someone who understood her. Teresa’s purpose is helping others see Jesus in the worst this world has to offer. She writes, “As long as I draw breath I will strive to bring glory to his name. Heaven is more real to me than ever before, because one of my children lives there.”

Custom web design + ebook design + email marketing

Teresa davis


Teresa Davis is a grief mentor, helping others in their grief journey, having learnt how to navigate her own. The eyes of grief sent her on a quest to see if she believed God was who he said he was. The lens she now views life from has transformed her heart and mind.

The project for Teresa Davis encompassed a set of services aimed at enhancing heronline presence and providing valuable resources to their audience.

Aura Digital provided Teresa with a custom WordPress website using a custom Divi theme to ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly website. This theme was tailored to align with Teresa’s brand identity, creating a unique and resonant digital space.

In addition to the website development, an email marketing strategy was implemented to establish consistent and meaningful communication with Teresa’s audience. This involved setting up and optimizing email campaigns to share valuable insights, support, and updates, fostering a strong connection with the community.

Furthermore, the creation of an E-Book played a crucial role in the overall strategy. This was designed to provide valuable content related to grief support and mentorship. The design process focused on maintaining a compassionate and empathetic tone while delivering information in a format that resonated with the target audience. 

I was looking for someone to be everything I needed to make my passion come to life. Lauren was exactly what I needed. She took on my project as if it were her own and made it happen. I can’t say enough about her skill and expertise. But most importantly how she respected my work and met my needs. She has the ability to see the big picture and offered advice to help me make the best decision for me. Her ability to teach is far above most other VA’s I’ve worked with. She made sure I had everything I needed to maintain my website and move forward with new projects as well. I continue to partner with Lauren and I’m blessed to have worked with her.

Teresa Davis

Founder, The Grief Mentor

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