Vikki waits

Vikki Waits is a life coach that focuses on helping clients during a strong transitional period of their life. 

Custom logo design

vikki waits


Vikki came to Aura Digital with her moniker, Grab Your Coat Coaching, to start off a branding project with a full custom logo design and brand board. 

This logo design was hand drawn by one of our in-house graphic designers. The hand drawn concept was then turned digital for use on any future digital projects.

We also curated typography, held several branding sessions for color palettes and branding, and created a brand board. 

The deliverables included: 

  • Brand board with HEX values
  • Customized logo
  • 1 typography style logo
  • 1 submark/favicon logo

Grab Your Coat Coaching also has a web design in development with Aura Digital Consulting. 

Vikki Waits

Owner, Vikki Waits

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